8 ball pool – rules and other information

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The game of 8 ball pool was designed to be a rapid game that only takes a few minutes rather than the extended periods of time that normal pool and billiards takes. Used as an international and domestic game for players that want to make a substantial win the game of 8 ball pool is very popular in the countries of the United States and England. The original game of 8 ball is played with 16 balls, 14 of which are opposing and a black 8 ball plus the white ball to hit the others with. This game can also be shortened into a faster game of only 10 balls using 9 balls that need to be sunk in order by using the white ball to knock them into a pocket. If the 8 ball is sunk into a pocket off the break the game is automatically won.

Competitions are held all around the world for this game and the prize money has moved up over the years into the millions of dollars. The rules of the amateur league are as follows though may differ in many countries.

The winner of the last round always breaks – otherwise a coin is tossed to see who starts

If the 8 ball is sunk off the break the game is won instantly by the breaker

The 8 ball must not be hit by any player until it is the last ball of that players set

You must call the pocket that you hit the 8 ball into and if the 8 ball does not sink into this pocket you lose

These are the most basic of 8 ball pool rules while there are many other standardized rules to the game. For a better understanding of all the rules including rules regarding the white ball and foul shots then consult 8poolrules in your local directory.

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Break of an Eight Ball Pool Game Rack

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Billiards, or 8 Ball Pool is one of the most well known and challenging social game. Billiards famously stretches from the 15th century to the wrapping of Mary, Queen of Scots, in her billiard table in 1586 to the many mentions in the works of Shakespeare, and through the many famous enthusiasts of the sport: Mozart, Louis XIV, Kant, Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln, Babe Ruth and many others.

Louis XIV playing Billiards with brother Philippe Duc d’Orleans


General Rules of the Game

In the 8 ball game, the goal is simple: pocket the 8 ball. You try to do so only after you have pocketed all your select group balls. The object of the pool game is to shoot all your object balls in the table pockets. Balls 1-7 are called solids and balls 9-16 are called stripes. Only then are you allowed to pocket the 8-ball in order to win.

- If you accidentally pocket the 8 before you have pocketed all of the balls in your group, you lose;

- If you accidentally pocket an opponent’s ball, it counts for her or him;

- If you pocked one of your balls and a ball of your opponent on the same shot, you are credited with your ball and you are allowed to continue shooting;

- If you scratch or sink the cue ball, you lose your turn.

- If you pocket a ball and scratch in the same turn, the pocketed ball gets put back on the table and you lose your turn.


Solid and Striped Biliards Balls

Breaking the Rack

The first player is the one who initially breaks the rack. The turn to break will rotate regardless of who the winner in the previous game was. A legal break can be performed using the cue ball only.


In case the breaking player successfully pockets the balls, the next turn is his or hers as well. If he or she fails to do so, the turn passes to the opponent. Here are some tips on how to successfully break the rack.

  1. Post the white cue ball along the head string (the imaginary line two diamonds in, the closest a ball may be placed to the rack on the break) about three inches from either long rail.
  2. Maintain a fairly level cue stick. Strike the cue ball a bit below the dead centre. Aim to hit a ball on the second row clean, without hitting the apex ball.
  3. The cue ball may now kick off the side rail, after the balls have scattered apart from the 8 ball, and drive the black 8 ball into a centre pocket.

Other Tips

For sheer power to scatter balls, a bit of ulnar or radial deviation on the break style, and quick hand movement, can add plenty of force to the 8 ball break. Whether or not you are attempting to break in the 8 ball, you ought to keep in mind one principle for the shot:

Strike the first ball at the head of the rack, exactly flush, no matter where the cue ball is resting positioned for the 8 ball break. In other words, you should be able to see with your mind’s eye the purple stripe in the diagram facing you and the cue ball, so that the cue flies straight ahead to hit the ball of choice dead centre.

This accuracy of hit will give you better results than you have ever had, killing the cue ball to sit dead centre of the table and sending most of the momentum into the object balls where you want. Once you master this technique, you will be able to break perfectly, just like the guy in the video below.

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Learn How to Play 8 Ball Pool

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8 ball pool, also known as billiards, is a very popular and entertaining game that people worldwide enjoy playing. If you want to become a player, you first need to know how to play the game. There are several rules you need to keep in mind at all time.


  • The purpose of the game is to pocket the 8th ball (the black one).
  • The game is played with a cue ball (the white one) and 15 object balls, numbered one through 15. The cue must not be shorter than 53 inches (1.34 m), longer than 63 inches (1.6 m), lighter than 15 ounces (425 g), or heavier than 25 ounces (708 g).
  • The game starts with one of the players (randomly chosen) opening the table with a cue shot. This is called “racking the balls” and every player should practice it as much as possible. The balls are racked in a triangle which is set at the foot of the table. The 8th ball is always in the middle of the triangle. A stripe ball needs to be in one corner and a solid one in the other corner.
  • If the player racking the balls manages to enter a ball into a pocket, the type of the ball will determine his group of balls (solid or stripes). Balls 1-7 are called solids and balls 9-15 are called stripes. The respective player must only “chase” the balls in his group.
  • If the choice of ball groups has not been determined after the cue shot, it is called an “open table” and it means that it is legal to hit a solid ball first to make a stripe or solid.


  • When the player shoots the cue ball, it must hit first and sink his own group of balls. Breaking this rule is called a “foul” and leads to the other player placing the cue ball wherever he wants to on the table.
  • Only after sinking his group of balls can the player go after the 8 ball. Also, the player must pick the pocket he wants the ball to sink into.
  • Sinking the 8th ball into a different pocket leads to the player losing the game. Sinking the cue ball with the 8 ball is also a cause of losing, as well as sinking the 8 ball before sinking all the group balls.
  • If a player hits one or more balls in his group when his turn comes without hitting a ball in his opponent’s group or hitting the 8 ball, it is considered to be a legal shot.
  • A legal shot is also when the cue ball touches the rail before hitting the ball in the player’s group.
  • If the cue ball is pocketed, it is considered to be an illegal shot and the other player can take his turn.
  • If the cue ball hits the 8 ball first (when there are still other balls on the table), it is also an illegal shot.
  • It is also considered to be an illegal shot when the cue ball hits a ball in the opponent’s group.
  • If the cue ball does not hit a rail nor a ball in your ball group, it still counts as an illegal shot.


These are the main rules of playing 8 ball pool. It sounds easy in theory, but mastering this game is not as simple as most people think. It takes time and dedication to become an expert. These tips might be helpful in this matter:

  • Your shoulders and feet should have the same width.
  • You should take one step forward as your leaning foot. Right handed players should use their left foot; Left handed players should use their right foot.
  • Your chest should be in a parallel direction to the floor.
  • The cue should be put on your leaning hand. The other hand (called calling hand) is used to swing the cue.
  • The cue should be hanged at the waist level, with the end of the cue being about 15 cm from your hand.
  • It is important to look straight over the cue when striking a ball.
  • Try to hold your body still and to move only your arm.


Here is a practice routine you could perform on a daily basis in order to improve your 8 ball pool skills:

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General Information on 8 Ball Pool

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8 ball pool is a very popular game in much of the world, and the subject of international professional and amateur competition. Played on a pool table with six pockets, the game is so universally known in some countries that beginners are often unaware of other pool games and believe the word pool itself refers to the eight ball. The game has numerous variations, including Alabama, eight ball, crazy eight, last pocket, misery, Missouri, 1 and 15 in the sides, rotation eight ball, soft eight, and others. Standard eight ball is the second most competitive professional pool game, after nine ball and for the last several decades ahead of straight pool.

Eight ball is played with sixteen balls, a cue ball, and fifteen object balls consisting of seven striped balls, seven solid coloured balls and the black eight ball. After the balls are scattered with a break shot, the players are assigned either the group of solid balls or the stripes, once a ball from a particular group is legally pocketed. Once all of a player’s or team’s group of object balls are pocketed, they may attempt to sink the 8 ball. To win, the player or team, must first designate which pocket they plan to sink the 8 ball into and then successfully pot the 8 ball in that called pocket. If the 8 ball falls into any pocket other than the designated one, or is knocked off the table, this results in loss of the game.

In the United Kingdom, 8 ball pool, as an overall rather different version of the game has evolved, influenced by English billiards and snooker, and has become popular in amateur competition in Britain, Ireland, Australia, and some other countries. As with American right ball, there are multiple competing standards bodies that have issued international rules. Aside from using the unnumbered object balls, UK style tables have pockets just larger than the balls, and more than one type of rest is typically used. The rules significantly differ in numerous ways, including the handling of fouls, which may give the opponent two shots, racking, selection of which group of balls will be shot by each player, handling of frozen balls, and snookers, as well as other details.

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8 Ball Pool For Fun Events

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If you are planning an outing with some of your friends, but are unsure of what to do, you can always opt for going to play 8 ball pool. This type of pool playing will come in handy in terms of relaxation and connecting with people who are dear to you. As opposed to other games that you can play in bars and pubs, the 8 ball pool will allow you to play in teams and have the necessary time to talk and socialize in the same time. There are a variety of ways in which you can play the game, but 8 ball pool is one of the most interesting ones.

8 ball pool is perfect for having fun in a friendly event. For example, if you want to provide people with some activity while you are out, you can play a game of 8 ball pool and then enjoy a couple of drinks, while you relax in between matches. This is one of the best games you can opt for in the case of a birthday party. It will put a fun spin on the whole event and it will offer people a chance to socialize and get to know each other. Bonding over a game is always a lot easier. Therefore, you can think of this activity whenever you bring together a group of people that have not met before or have only socialized in brief situations. Team buildings and company outings can also be made perfect with a game of 8 ball pool. This will enable the employees to get to know the others and will provide a more relaxed atmosphere in which they can socialize with their bosses.

For any type of fun event in your life, you can opt for gathering at an 8 ball pool location. The game will relax everyone and will give them a chance to talk in a pleasurable environment. Birthdays, team buildings or family gatherings can be based on playing 8 ball pool. This will lead to a fun activity and it will offer people a chance to talk about numerous subjects.

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Online 8 Ball Pool Games

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Most men are sports lovers and they would no anything to watch their favorite competitions and to play different games with their friends. Pool is one of men’s favorite games and it gives them the chance to go out, to have fun and to enjoy a ‘boys night out’. Recently, a new game of pool has become very popular. It is called 8 ball pool and it has known a rapid popularity, especially among teenagers and young men.

The rules of 8 ball pool are very simple. You have to try to sink all the balls in a group, either striped or solid, and then try to sink the 8th ball, before the time runs out. Be careful though not to pocket  the 8th ball before you sink the other ones, because you will lose. 8 ball pool is thus fun and easy and anyone can play it. In order to impress your friends next time you go out, you can practice at home by playing online 8 ball pool games. The Internet provides you with many websites where you can play online 8 ball pool games, but the rules of online 8 ball pool are much easier. You just have to sink as many balls as you can before the time runs out. After that, when you are down to one, you will be given another rack, of 14 balls, which you must pocket, and so on.

Online 8 ball pool games are perfect to entertain yourself. Whenever you are bored or you feel that you have not got anything better to do, open your laptop or computer and start playing your favorite online 8 ball pool games. Besides being easy, 8 ball pool is very fun too and you will not even feel how the time flies. So next time you will play 8 ball pool with your friends, you will impress them with the skills that you have developed due to the online 8 ball pool games.

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8 Ball Pool The Best Way To Have Fun

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Getting together with some friends is always a great way to spend time and relax. Playing 8 ball pool surely is the best choice you can make, as you will have so much fun playing the game, while the best thing about it is that it can easily be played by two people. All you need is a pool table and a friend. However to be able to play 8 ball pool, you need to know the most important rules of the game. And if you don’t like loosing, well, exercising to play 8 ball pool can always be a great idea. Luckily, there are many sites on which you can play 8 ball pool online and when you meet up with your friends, you will be the expert.

Depending on the site that you plan on using to play online 8 ball pool, you will find that there are some possibilities to play the game for free. In most cases you will need to create an account and log in, but there are possibilities to play online 8 ball pool free of costs and to exercise your skills if you never plan on loosing again when you play the game with your friends. Well, no matter where you decide to play 8 ball pool, here are some of the basic aspects that you need to know to be able to enjoy the game. For starter, you have to know that the game consists of fifteen colored balls, while one is completely white. All balls, except for the white one, are placed into a triangle on the table, while one of the two players will have the first strike. The two players will hit the balls on turn, while the winner is going to be the one who pocked all the balls.

8 ball pool is an interesting game to play and it can really catch you. Once you are a fan of 8 ball pool, you are surely going to want to play the game as often as possible. Still, to be able to win, you need to have some skills. They can be very much improved when you decide to play 8 ball pool online. And the best thing is that it will cost you nothing.

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8 Ball Pool – Fun and Friends

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8 ball pool is a game, usually played by two people, not too hard to play, but much more fun than the normal game of pool. You will also need the pool table, the balls, the cue sticks and, of course, an opponent. It is a perfect game to play with your friends on a lazy Friday night, while having a drink and making small talk. It is not as stressful or time consuming as the normal pool game, so it gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself.

So here are the rules of the 8 ball pool game:

-There are fifteen colored balls: the ones from 1 to 8 are solidly colored, the 8 one being black, while the ones from 9 to 15 are striped. There is also ball a white cue ball;

-The balls are being put together in a triangle, except for the white one, which is striked with the cue stick by the player who starts the game. If he manages to pocket one ball, striped for example, the rest of the game he will strike only the striped balls, trying to pocket them, his opponent having to strike the solid ones, and viceversa;

-The opponents take turns, and the winner will be the one who pocked all of his object balls and then manages to pocket the 8 black ball.

You do not have to go out to play 8 ball pool. If you do not want to spend your money, you can either visit a friend who owns a pool table or, even easier, you can play online. This way you can practice as much as you like, for free, until you are prepared to go out and play without embarrassing yourself. Go ahead, try it and have fun, it’s quite easy!

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Why To Opt For 8 Ball Pool

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There are a series of advantages that the 8 ball pool game supposes and there is no wonder that so many people currently are fans of this game. In fact, this reality can be explained through the fact that the 8 ball pool is easy to play and it takes much less time compared to normal pool. Well, although 8 ball pool is currently more popular in the United States, there are many people who love this game and so we can definitely say that it has become much more popular in Europe also. And when it comes to Europe, without a doubt, the 8 ball pool game is much more appreciated in England.

For the fans of 8 ball pool watching the competitions that are held all over the world is quite an adventure. And of course many competitions are held in different countries and cities as more and more people become interested in this sport. Well, a thing you should know if you plan on playing this game for the first time is that its main rules may vary from one place to another, at least when it comes to amateur competitions. Anyway, you can be sure you will have a lot of fun and you will appreciate the benefits of the 8 ball pool.

The 8 ball pool is a game that is usually played by two people and of course it can be played on a billiard table. In fact, what makes this game very interesting is the fact that it is not a regular form of billiard, but you will need of course the table and the balls. Anyway, the best idea would be to play the game with a friend, but if you do not have a billiard table at home and you do not want to spent a lot of money practicing playing the 8 ball pool game, you should know that you can actually also play it online and so you will be able to improve your skills when it comes to 8 ball pool and at the same time save some money. And when you will actually play 8 ball pool with your friends, you will be sure you can win.

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8 Ball Pool Tricks

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There are dozens if not hundreds of tricks that you can perform on a pool table and many experts will tell you that making the trick not look like a trick is all part of the magic of the show. Having all the balls run into the pockets after one hit is usually a great one however this trick can be more about force than actual talent. There have been many flukes in the game of pool however even these when you stand up proud can look as if you really meant them.

Long shots in pools can take concentration, talent and a huge amount of practice. Place your forward hand for the long shot as far down the table as you can and lean down low which lowers your center of gravity and helps the shot run smoothly. As always try not to get distracted and make sure you focus on the cue ball to line up the numbered ball you are aiming for. Use minimal force in case you miss so that you can at least hope to get the ball closer to the pocket for the next shot or place the white ball at that end of the table.

Bouncing the ball off the wall is one trick that can come in handy when the table is full of the opponents ball and not your. This can mean either the white ball or the numbered balls that you can manipulate into the pockets or to cover a pocket and block your opponents entry. In some pool rules this is not allowed and blocking the pocket deliberately is a foul. Since you can use the cushion to rebound the ball in most directions you can often also use it to move other balls into place or out of the way.

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8 Ball Pool Rules

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Eight-ball pool is a two person game played with fifteen object balls and a white cue ball. Balls 1 through 8 are solid colored, with the eight ball being black. Balls 9 through 15 are striped.

To start the game, the object balls are placed in a rectangular rack. The rack is then removed and one of the players “breaks” by striking the white ball with the end of his or her cue stick and sending it into the triangle of balls.

A legal break occurs when the player who breaks either sends at least four object balls into the side of the table or pockets an object ball. If an object ball has been pocketed, the player then attempts to pocket more balls of the same type (solid or striped).

If neither of these things happen, the break is considered a “foul.” The other player then has the option of breaking the balls again or of playing the table as it is.

The table is considered “open” until a player pockets an object ball after the break shot. The players take turns, referred to as innings, trying to pocket as many of their object balls as they can. An inning ends if the player fails to pocket an object ball or makes a fault, and the other player takes over.

A player wins by pocketing all of his or her object balls and then pocketing the black eight ball in the pocket he or she has specified. If the ball goes into the wrong pocket, the player loses.

For more detailed information on 8 ball pool rules, and to find different variations of these rules, check out BilliardsForum.info.

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