Cutting edge SEO is an art that comes from experience, knowledge, agility and proofing your business for the future.

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Chris Baldwin, PhD

Hi there and thanks for stopping by! I’m Chris Baldwin, Managing Director at Baldemia.

At Baldemia, we specialize in Search Engine Marketing and help start-ups, small, medium and large businesses acquire visitors from search engines. With two decades of SEO and Search Engine Marketing experience and strong knowledge of all digital media disciplines, we can formulate coherent strategies to deliver highly innovative solutions for our clients.

We assess your strategy

We perform full technical & strategy audits to ensure you are in line with business priorities, developing trends and future shifts in the your market.

We work with your teams

We understand teamwork and will align your teams by teaching them sustainable techniques and strategies to ensure future operational success.

We can do it all

Need a team to come in and take your search to the next level? Let us make the difference and show you how data driven decisions can impact profits and growth.


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Things we can help you with

Technical Audit

Our projects often start with either the analysis or creation of a technical SEO audit. This involves a deep analysis of your website to identify all the technical SEO issues that require consideration.

SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy is crucial for sustained organic growth of your online business. These can range from simple content marketing strategies to advanced multi-channel traffic acquisition strategies.

SEO Prioritization

There are often 100’s of issues you can address to improve your SEO, but what are the issues that are most important to your business and ROI right now? We can help you identify these.

Agency Tuning

If you have an SEO agency that needs tuning and direction, we able to step in and make sure that everyone is aligned on the internal business priorities and chanting to the right tune.

Client Tuning

Are you an agency needing a consultant to consolidate and improve client relationships, ensuring that your teams are addressing the most pertinent business issues? We can help.

SEO Management

We can manage your SEO from day-to-day and work with your IT and business teams to priorities SEO, define KPIs, enhance reporting, train staff, strategies on future SEO … and much more.

SEO Consulting

Need an expert SEO consultant to come in and improve or fix some issues? We can work on short intense defined projects with an hourly rate, giving you maximum bang for your buck.

Mobile SEO

Are more and more of your customers reaching your website from mobile devices? You are not alone. We can help you optimize your mobile SEO strategy across mobile devices, tablets and Apps.


Need an SEO expert with a diversified digital background that can bring SEO into context within a wider e-commerce? We can identify opportunities, define priorities and propose high ROI activities.

Web Development

We have built a lot of websites. If you need us to build you a website that will perform well in search engines and contain the essential tools to run an online business then contact us to discuss your needs.

Web Analytics

We are data driven scientists and have successfully defined KPIs and implemented advanced reporting systems for large e-commerce businesses and can help you improve your analytics and reporting.

SEO Training

We have over a decade of experience in training and teaching individuals and teams. Through SEO workshops and short intense SEO trainings, we can help you and your team to master SEO.

Public Speaking

Would you like us to cover a topic at your event? We can present on many SEO related topics. Feel free to approach us with any opportunities whether it be industry speaking events or workshop/panel sessions.

Guest Posting

Are you a media outlet in need to expert content contribution? We can write on many SEO related topics and even help you market the content and get you valuable traffic. Feel free to approach us with any opportunities.

We perform free SEO audits, bringing you value before you spend a penny.
Learn from our analysis and let us enlighten you on future opportunities in search for your business.

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